You Are Working for a Company GT Writing Task 1

You Are Working for a Company GT Writing Task 1

You are working for a company. You need to take time off from work and you want to ask your supervisor about it. Write a letter to your manager. In your letter.

Explain why you want to go on vacation.
Describe in detail the amount of time you need.
Suggest how you can cover your work while you are away.

Dear Mr Smith,

I am writing this letter to request you to grant me a few leaves from my busy work schedule. I hope you will be considerate about the situation.

Let me tell you in more detail. As you already know, due to client committments, I have been meticulously working for the last six months, without even caring about weekends as well as public holidays. However, I am fully exhausted and bored now because of my monotonous lifestyle. Moreover, I have not spent quality time with my friends and relatives for long. Looking at my mental stress, I think, I need a week-long vacation on a hill station or on a beachside so that I can spend leisure time with my family and rejuvenate myself which will eventually motivate me to work again with the best of my spirit.

Though I have to submit two client proposals by this Friday, I will make them today itself because I am planning to leave by Thursday. Needless to say, I will be always reachable on my cell.

I look forward to your positive outlook towards the entire phenomenon.

Yours sincerely,

This is the END of the Writing Task You Are Working for a Company GT Writing Task 1

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