Describe a Piece of News That People Are Interested in

Describe a Piece of News That People Are Interested in

Describe a piece of news that people are interested in
what the news is
how you know about this news
who is involved in this news
and explain why it is interesting to people

well, in the present scenario, everyone is aware of the COVID-19 pandemic from last year March till now everything is totally collapsed due to the Covid situation it is the time for the third wave of Covid. Nowadays people are completely hooked up with their news in the TV channels while watching news channels most of the people at home watching the news only about the covert situation from last March till now even at my house most of the time TV is used for this news only see this is a pandemic situation. Everyone is terrified of the Covid situation.

Covid pandemic because in the first and second wave, Covid took near about one crore lives all over the world. Many people are still struggling with that, so to news channels, people came to know about their current situation of Covid, like up to what extent it is spread and up to what extent vaccines are cured in order to compare with the Covid. Covid so due to news channels be people know about all these facts, but Covid situation is somewhat controlled in India, especially in Punjab where I am residing. Now a new form of Covid comes in the past one week that is positive and negative Covid, and it is a hazardous situation for all like they are healthy everyone is thinking.

That third wave of Covid must be of this new version of the virus. It could affect more people and even take more lights so now people are again at the news channels looking at the spread Ness of this new virus and also likes to know as much as they can know about this virus-like how to how to take care of themselves from this and what are the preventive measures and what symptoms are there which reflects the chances of this kind of virus.

Hence, everything is that nowadays, everything like this reflects news channels, and people are still hooking up with it. They are just trying to get no as much as they canWell I can’t say it is exciting news. Still, I can see it is a significant one for the children, even for older adults. So evidently now everyone is hooked up with TV channels irrespective of their ages to know more and more about this.

Follow Up Questions Describe a Piece of News That People Are Interested in

Question 1:- Do you read the newspaper every day?

Nowadays, there are many modern apps available at the play store as well as the Apple Store from where we can download apps we news apps through which we can know about happenings overseas. In this case, I think the reading newspaper is a wastage of time since we can have short news on our mobile phone even on a daily basis and we can access it at any time.

Question 2:-what are the other sources of news in society?

See nowadays; there are play Thora of platforms from where we can have access to the news such as Traditional we newspaper and TV in modern sense internet social media mobile apps and many more.

Question 3:- which kinds of news do you like to read in the newspaper?

Well, I read all sorts of news, but in case of preference, I like to read news about sports, especially football because Ronaldo or Messi oh my favourite players and football is my favourite game.

Question 4:- Do people read newspapers where you live?

Well I think only 20% of population near me still reads newspaper whereas rest of the people like to access news is from their TV channels from their mobiles and social media platform

Question 5:- Do people prefer local or international news?

I prefer both news is international and national once since with the national I came to know about what is happening in my country. In contrast, from international, I came to know about what is happening globally. It helps to expand the Horizon of my knowledge overseas.

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