Some Feel Governments Should Invest in Preserving Minority Languages

Some Feel Governments Should Invest in Preserving Minority Languages

Some feel governments should invest in preserving minority languages, while others feel this is not a good use of resources. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Certain demographics of the society think that lawmakers should be investing to protect languages which are on the verge of extinction; however, few disagree and argue that public funds should not be wasted behind such preposterous idea. This essay will present both views before giving an opinion.

On the one hand, many citizens strongly believe in interacting with their inherited culture like language, clothing, and art because they give utmost importance to the values of their ancestors. Apart from that, they also feel proud while speaking their mother tongue. Moreover, they even think that their unique linguistic gestures are the identity of their locality as well as the community which should be passed on to the upcoming generations and authorities should accommodate a special subject in the syllabus to encourage the same. A prime example of this can be Tamil Nadu- a province of the democracy of India- where localities strongly emphasize using Tamil language and they even print and fill all the government documents also in Tamil because they believe in worshipping their mother tongue as it is gifted by their ancestors. Hence, advocates of this idea are of such opinion.

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On the other hand, some people think conversely that rather than wasting limited resources, legislators should use them in development activities namely building transportation, hospitals, police station to name but a few. It does not mean that these minds do not have a soft corner for their ancient culture but they think practically that local councils have a lot of other high priority things to do other than just protecting old languages. In addition, these people have a strong opinion of teaching English instead of the local language as it is a globally accepted language that can eventually help their infants to establish their local identity in every nook and corner of the world. Many governments, for instance, have made it mandatory to learn English as many students had faced difficulties in studying abroad in the past few years. Thus, these people have a futuristic and optimistic approach.

To conclude, in my opinion, authorities should not waste money, especially during such a pandemic time, behind languages as there are many pending developments, whereas languages can be introduced to kids by comprising them in school subjects.

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