Today people are surrounded by advertising. Writing Task 2 (3) (1)

Today People Are Surrounded by Advertising. Writing Task 2

Today people are surrounded by advertising. This affects what people think is important and has a negative impact on people’s lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Advertisement over the years has increased its prospects in terms of its channel of communication. Gone are the days when electronic products or devices weren’t into being had a little effect on the marketing of goods and services. Individuals believing that advertising has a negative impact on people’s lives is dire to write about. I will be dissecting this phenomenon by disagreeing.

First and foremost, advertisement has ushered marketing into different limelight. For the centuries, the selling of goods and services used to be of a batter trade, mining of silver coins became the new route of exchange of commodities. Over the years, with technology, new methods have been developed to market a product through advertising ads. An example is the creation of apps such as amazon, kicks, e-bay and jumia, which all serve as platforms where commodities are being marketed.

Secondly, accessing a product is within reach. With the current upgrade in the online advertisement, it is easy to know the description of a product by the use of electronic devices such as mobile, laptops, notepads and others. An example is during my teens, and I had wanted to know the functionality of a joystick and a PlayStation. It’s of intuition that why don’t I use my dad’s phone to know its description. I did use to get the information about the products without necessarily having to get hold of the products in person.

In addition to this, it’s cost-effective. The current use of electronic billboards, google content and popping up of ads during surfing the internet are other routes used to showcase a product which in a way is much cost-friendly as compared to the latter where most companies have to move from one location to the other to market their products.

In conclusion, I relentlessly disagree with the fact that advertising in a way has a negative impact on the lives of individuals, but I believe it’s a blessing in disguise as with the current technology, the market economy is more of a global village than thousands of miles between countries as looking to your left or right is a product which has been showcased.

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