You Recently Sent Your Computer to Be Repaired at A Shop (1)

You Recently Sent Your Computer to Be Repaired at A Shop

You recently sent your computer to be repaired at a shop. However, you are not satisfied with the repair. Write a letter to the manager of the shop. In your letter

  • Describe why your computer needed to be repaired
  • Explain why you are not happy with the service
  • Say what you would like the shop manager to do

Dear Sir,

 I am writing this letter to show my dissatisfaction with computer repairing.

Last week, my computer was not working

properly. Since I wrote something on ms word that I did not save. Moreover, when I started my computer that time my computer monitor showed some black lines for up to 5 minutes. Some of the time, I saved some essential files on my computer. However, all files were crashed. This was the major reason that my computer needed to repair.

There is one electronic centre near to my home. Last Monday, I visited that shop. When I entered there that time, I told the whole problem about my computer to the serviceman. He gave me confidence that my computer was repaired. Therefore, he told me that Sunday, I would receive the device. I did totally the same. When I came back to my house, then I checked my computer. After half hour, I realised the same problem.

It is my humble request to the manager of the service centre that kindly keeps the trained workers in the shop. Since according to my experience your staff are not showing the best dealing of the customer including me. I hope you will take action about it.

Looking forward to your reply,

Yours sincerely,

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