Nowadays, Many Mothers Take Care of The Family and Don't Go out To Work (1)

Nowadays, Many Mothers Take Care of The Family and Don’t Go out To Work

Nowadays, many mothers take care of the family and don’t go out to work. Some people believe they should be given salaries by the government. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is debated by many of the individuals most of the mothers are taking care of their families and don’t go out for work while others assume that ought to give salaries to them. I agree with the given statement. This essay will explicate their point of view in the upcoming paragraphs.

To begin with, women plays an essential role in everyone life. They can not utilize their time to take care of their loved ones but also take the whole responsibility on their shoulders. Moreover, the mothers are sacrificing their all desire only because of providing a better environment to their offspring. For example, in India, 70 per cent of the women are working for their family members at home. As a result, they work approximately 24 hours for them.

What should the government do? There are many ways behind it. If the government give the salary, it will create some financial problems for them since he manages the entire country abundance of responsibility. For instance, in developing countries, federal governments the number of responsibilities for their citizens like to provide employment and others some social works for social benefits. As a consequence, they spend money on nations development rather than household women.

To conclude, Although women do the amount of work for their family without salary, the government should not offer a salary to them.

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