Nowadays the differences between countries are becoming less evident because people follow the same media

Nowadays the Differences between Countries Are Becoming

Nowadays, the differences between countries are becoming less evident because people follow the same media. Do the advantage of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

Due to globalisation, people overseas follow similar fashion, eating habits, music, diet plan and social media platforms. This trend has many advantages and disadvantages; however, I personally believe that positive aspects are more than its drawbacks. Upcoming segments are going to elaborate my viewpoint with relevant examples and explanations.

To embark with, exchanging language is the first and foremost favourable outcome of using similar media platforms. For instance, people living in India are learning an international language such as French through Instagram with a foreign teacher. The second advantage is, in the contemporary era, people are becoming more sociable the past. Via identical applications, they are making digital friends from other territories. Last but not least, with the help of effective media government can share policies and striking national news. For example, the urgent news of the Covid pandemic spread all over the world only through media.

On the downside, there are some negative aspects as well, such as cultural erosion. By looking at other regions, people dominate their own traditional values by merging them with another culture. To exemplify, the traditionally famous Festival of India, Deepavali, was celebrated with earthen lamps and rangoli, but now, instead of these traditions, people are using electric lights. Another important factor is adopting bad eating habits. Evidently, consuming junk food is fashionable everywhere. Rather than any benefits, it hampers the growth of children and worsens their daily nutritional diet.

To conclude, although there are some drawbacks of globalisation such as disturbing traditional customs and consuming unhealthy food, I think the advantages like exchange of language, being more social and making public announcements, immensely suppressed the disadvantages.

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