You Have Recently Seen an Advertisement in a Daily Newspaper for the Position of Sales Representative

You Have Recently Seen an Advertisement in a Daily Newspaper

You have recently seen an advertisement in a daily newspaper for the position of sales representative. You have decided to apply for the post. Write to the HR Manager of the company. In your letter, mention which post you are applying for, what relevant experience and skills you have and how you would be ideal for the post.

Dear sir,

I am Vikas, and writing this letter in response to an advertisement provided in a local newspaper “The Tribune” about hiring a sales representative in your renowned firm. I would like to nominate myself for the above-mentioned post.

I have been working as a sales manager at XYZ Ltd company since 2018. Before this, I already served in Tata Ltd for complete two years. Altogether, I have six years of valuable experience in my respective field. In addition to this, I also completed an advanced computer and effective communication course, which is the day’s demand.

In my personal opinion, I recommend my name as the most capable candidate for the vacant job position since I am experienced, trained and skilled. Moreover, I am punctual to the time, honest and hard-working. I not only work efficiently and effectively but also able to make a better interpersonal relationships with customers. All these skills add value to my resume.

I hope to have a revert from your side as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

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