Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’T like the Music Played.

Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’T like the Music Played

Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’t Like the Music Played.

You should say

  • What was the event?
  • Where were you?
  • What music was like?
  • And explain why you didn’t like the music?

Sample Answer of Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’t Like the Music Played.

Well, I am not a music freak person, and even I don’t have a piece of single music or a track on my mobile phone because I would like to hear music. Still, my cousins, I have great fond of listening to live music same happen last year there was a big concert organised in Ludhiana where most of the popular singers from Punjab were going to perform live. so they all are huge fan of Sidhu Moose Wala and they decided to vent their end took me with them initially I was not interested in going but anyhow they took me with them at concert everything was going well and I was also enjoying the moment because many singers performed very well but at the middle of the concert a name of a single announced at the stage which at the moment gives give huge energy among the audience but later on it makes the atmosphere most and the name of the singer was Harman ji he was developing funny artist at that time and you also sang few songs before that so deep the stage organisers call the name. he mounted on the stage and hold the mike and started see in real sense his voice was totally terrible after that he picked up some musical instruments and started playing some music but his synchronising of rhythms and rhymes were totally unbalanced there was not a single percent harmony among them in this way he completely destroyed half an hour of audience and later on audience started shouting and they asked the organisers the stage organisers to throw him out from the stage and all the next singer so that they could again rejoin the atmosphere for what they are in concerts in this way he destroyed the whole atmosphere and it was literally an unpleasant and awful experience for me later on I never ever join any such concert because of this terrible experience


Question1. Why do so many young people spend a lot of money on concerts?

Answer:-In my personal opinion most of the young people nowadays are much involved in the music industry they like to hear recorded songs in their cars in their rooms wherever they go in this case whenever they get notification of a concert of their favourite singer they rushed towards that just because of their passion for seeing their favourite singers singing live in such cases most people don’t bother to pay money also

Question2. Do you think older people like the same music as young people?

Answer:-See liking of music totally depends on individual to individual as it varies like most young people traditionally like to hear very patriotic songs. Still, nowadays the senior citizens also like to hear live concerts pop music rock music in the same way young people also have their own preferences and tastes in case of music like most of the people like hit songs DJ songs whereas some other like to hear romantic melodies.

Question3. Do you think music concerts are suitable for older adults to attend?

Answer:-Yes music concerts are a suitable place for older people to learn live music but are the concert organisers must need to take some precautionary measures for the security of the world like they must be separate to enter the room to the concert and to exit from that apart from this they must be a proper seating arrangement for them so that they would be no hassle and bustle for the senior citizens. They would not get hurt in that.

Question4. Why do shopping malls often have background music?

Answer:-I think music is a perfect and relaxing activity whenever anyone gets depressed to have anxiety. These things they like to listen to music, especially the melody, happen in malls mostly the organizers like to play very delight music in the atmosphere so that people will feel relaxed. They can spend more time and money in malls buying things and checking things.

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