Describe a Thing You Bought and You Are Happy About

Describe a Thing You Bought and You Are Happy About

Talk about a thing that you recently bought and felt happy about it or Describe a thing you bought and you are happy about. You should say

Explain why you bought it?
Why you selected this product?
From where you purchased it?
And explain why are you so happy about it?

Well, there are numerical things I had bought in my life. But today I would like to talk about one thing which was recently purchased by me from an online store. I bought a hair drier. It is an essential product nowadays. It can be used for many purposes. To be precise, it is my sister’s idea to buy this accessory. Because after the head bath it takes time to dry our hair.

But after getting this product I can easily dry my hair without standing outside or under the fan. I have ordered it from Amazon. Amazon is a place where we can buy so many useful items. Various kinds of products are available in this online shopping.

I felt ecstasy after buying this one. Even I have used it to dry my puppy after his bathing. I have searched in numerous website, this product which is manufactured in Philips. It is robust and convenient to use.

Part 3 Describe a Thing You Bought and You Are Happy About

Question 1:- Did you tell anyone after buying it?

Well, I have told my mother that I have bought this item, at first my mother was hesitant why are buying a costly product. I have convinced her that it is useful for everyone in the home. But after using it for a couple of days. My mother felt happy about the product

Question 2:- What are your thoughts about the trend that people buy new things instead of repairing old ones?

Well, many people are squandering a lot of money in buying items. In my opinion, I would say that until the old product is in working condition you don’t need to buy a new one. Alternatively, you can buy a new item which is helpful in your life

Question 3:- What is the product, which is consumed most in your country? Why?

That’s an interesting question, I think most people in India are obsessed with electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, earphones. Cell phones are the most used thing in my country, nowadays due to the pandemic, online classes are inevitable so parent are buying phones for their children to attend the classes

Question 4:- Is increasing consumerism a good trend?

Well, no it is not a good trend. It is not beneficial to society and the environment. People are using things and disposing of them without any caution, this should be averted.

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