It Has Been Suggested that Everyone in the World Want to Own a Car, a Tv, and a Fridge

It Has Been Suggested that Everyone in the World Want to Own a Car

It has been suggested that everyone in the world want to own a car, a tv, and a you think the disadvantages of such a development outweigh the advantages?

Globally, some people proposed that everyone needs to have a set of basic amenities like a vehicle, a television and a fridge. It is often argued that the disadvantages of this proposal outweigh the advantages. This essay agrees that having all these basic amenities are more advantageous.

A vehicle collection, a television set and a freezer are termed to be inevitable for families. There are reasons why they are more important to be owned by everyone in the world. In the first place, they are basic needs for every home, just like shelter and clothing. For example, a family of a husband, a wife and two or more children will definitely need a car for mobility and comfortability if they want to go on vacation. So also is a television important for news update and a fridge to preserve our food items. Furthermore, thinking of independence, all these provisions are also important to be acquired by individuals so as to avert unwarranted embarrassment. For instance, it isn’t very comfortable to go to a neighbour to hire a car to convey your family, just like going to a friend’s house to watch TV or asking for iced water when you are supposed to have a freezer.

However, some setbacks were having all those items can cause. One, liabilities will set in once everyone is in the world is having personal amenities. For example, maintenance of a car is costly, likewise a television because, in my country, you need to pay a monthly subscription before you can enjoy your television. Two, Laziness will set in once everybody is possessing all those belongings. To exemplify, having a car will make someone lazy from going out in public vehicles. Viewing television always will not allow someone to do something else as when do.

In conclusion, even though possessing a vehicle, a fridge, and a television has demerits like Laziness and liability, I want to opine that the disadvantages do not outweigh the advantages because they are necessities in individual houses that aid comfortability and independence.

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