Talk about an Interesting Conversation that You Had with Someone

Talk about an Interesting Conversation that You Had with Someone

Talk about an interesting conversation that you had with someone

  • Who you had it with?
  • Where did you have it?
  • What was the conversation, and why did you have it?

Sample Answer of Talk about an Interesting Conversation that You Had with Someone

There have been many wonderful conversations with different categories of people on different occasions. Still, I would like to talk about a special but memorable one I had with my parents sometime in 2014. This discussion was between myself and my parents. It was all about my secret relationship with my girlfriend. I am a timid person, which is even known to all my siblings and parents.

Sometimes, I even usually myself and my wife how I was able to ask her out. We went on a family vacation to Ikogosi warm spring, where warm and cold water meets in the southwest part of Nigeria. On that fateful day, I told my mum and dad that I have a gist for them; without wasting much time,e they assembled under a tree isolated from my siblings. As my nature, I began to bit about the bush until I was able to voice out to them about my fiancé. Meanwhile, they have longed to hear this from me ever since I was employed two years before then.

My parents were happy to hear the good news from me; they also took the news to my brothers and sisters that day. That singularly called for more celebration on that evening. The reason I used that avenue to informed them was that I was envisaging having my wedding soon.

Follow-Ups Talk about an Interesting Conversation that You Had with Someone

Question 1.What is the difference between the conversation between males and females?

Answer:- Natures are different when it comes to gender. The way a woman will talk is different from the way a man will do. Because of this, there is a clear difference in discussion between males and females. For instance, women have a lower and tiny voice than men, so they talk calmly than men. In addition to that, men don’t give much to long conversion, unlike women who engage in much in talking. Lastly, females can be re-visiting a matter (discussion) many times, especially when it has to do with grudges, but men won’t do that because of their nature; they easily forego matter.

Question 2.What is the difference between talking on the phone and face-to-face conversation?

Answer:- There many ways of passing information; II think the most common now is telephone conversation because of the advancement in technology. The actual variance between communicating through phone face-to-face approach is that, on the phone, one can lie of his present location while you can’t do that when you are together. Also, while communicating through the phone, people spend money on airtime,e but you don’t do that while you are together in a location.

Question 3.Why do some people get nervous when they give presentations?

Answer:- Hmmm…just like myself… One of the main reasons for nervousness is making a mistake. Some people think that mistake is a source of embarrassment and want to compose themselves forcefully. Many people are timid to talk before an audience; this alone makes them shivering once they have a  presentation before them. In addition to that, many people don’t practice talking to more than two people. The intimidation of how to talk calls for nervousness.

Question 4.Do you think using visual aids while giving a presentation is necessary?

Answer:- Yes, one of the main factors for a successful presentation is providing visual aids. This alone gives room for a better understanding of the topic by the audience. Visual supports will be better appreciated if it is technological inclined. Better displayed on a wider screen for the listening to see even from a far distance.

Question 5. Why is body language important?

Answer:- One of the means of communication is through body language. It is essential for some situations; for example, you need to pass information where you don’t want a third party to understand or rather say when you don’t want to make a noise. It doesn’t require the stress of opening your mouth before you talk. Another importance of body language is that it summarizes a big message between the communicators in a twinkle of an eye.

Question 6. Do you think humour is important for a speaker?

Answer:- Mmmm,m not in allsituationsn. Some information may require much seriousness and be frank. In such a  situation, one may not need to be humorous; else, the matter may not be taken seriously as expected.

Question 7.What kind of speaker do you like?

Answer:- There are categories of speakers for different talks or presentations. I will rather prefer a lively speaker who will make his atmosphere lively during the presentation rather than the one with too much seriousness because of boringness.

Question 8. Are there any disadvantages of face-to-face conversation?

Answer:- Ye,s of course, there are some demerits of face-to-face conversation. Some people are shy when it comes to talking directly with people. They prefer to send an intermediary or making a phone call than looking straight to into someone’s face. Another point is that some people prefer not to converse directly with other people because of being free. Freedom in the sense that they manage what they say when it comes to face-to-face approach;h however, they can talk at length whininess communicated through another medium like phone calls or sending a recorded voice via social media.

Question 9. Who do you prefer chatting with – your parents or your friends?

Answer:- I will prefer to relate with my friends via social media than my father and mother for many reasons. One, I can chat with my parent on important matters, but I do better when I am online with my friends. I can spend a longer time with my buddies while talking on the phone, but I cannot stay more than five minutes with my parents.

Question 10. Do most people have just a small number of friends or many friends?

Answer:- Hmmm, technology is taking the generation into another stage of turning the entire world into friends to one another. I believe that the majority of people have many friends as a result of social media. For example, Facebook. Many friends’ requests are always there daily, and while you go through their profiles and are fun to be with, you get connected. Just like very many social media of connecting friends these days. It is on this note that I agree that many people have many friends.

Question 11. What qualities do you think a good friend should have?

Answer:- Hmmmm.. a good does not really mean the one that can spend money for you rather than the one that takes you out on lunch. One of the attributes of a reasonable friend is the one you can confide in whenever the need be. They are the ones who can go the extra mile for you in the days of need. The ability to give good counsel is one of the characteristics of a good friend. Last but not least, a great friend is the one with a passion for your growth in every ramification.

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