Write a Letter to the Newspaper Editor about the Mistake They Made in an Article.

Write a Letter to the Newspaper Editor about the Mistake

Write a letter to the newspaper editor about the mistake they made in an article.

  • In your letter, you should:
  • Explain what the mistake is
  • Suggest how to correct that mistake

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter regarding an article published by your newspaper ‘Times of India’ on 26th April 2021 that was a great read but unfortunately had some incorrect information and facts. The article was basically about ‘India and its History’.

First of all, I must appreciate that the article was well written and quite interesting read as it gave detailed insights on the history of India during various time periods. However, I was daunted to notice some blunders in the article that I deem should not have been overlooked. It is mentioned in the newspaper that, the year in which the Battle of Buxar was fought is 1760, But actually it was in 1764.

Further, another major mistake is that the name of the ruler of Awadh who participated in this war is Shuja ud daula, and not Siraj ud daulah as it is written in the article. Siraj ud daulah was the ruler of Bengal and did not take part in the Battle of Buxar. As I am doing research on ‘Historical battles of India’ as part of my doctoral thesis for more than 5 years, I have thorough knowledge about the topic.

Lastly, as history is a subject where dates and names of rulers have a lot of importance so I request you to make a prompt correction and to make sure that such mistakes should occur again in future.
I wish a follow-up article or an editorial correction should clarify those issues as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully, 29. 04.2021

Robert John

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