Describe a Computerphone Game You Enjoy Playing Since Your Childhood (1)

Describe a Computer/phone Game You Enjoy Playing Since Your Childhood

Describe a computer/phone game you have enjoyed playing since your childhood

  • What the game is about,
  • When you started playing it,
  • How often do you play this game,
  • Why do you enjoy playing it

Sample Answer of Describe a Computer/phone Game You Enjoy Playing Since Your Childhood

Everybody in their childhood has played lots of games such as Pac-man, Mario, GTA and so on. I think as a child we find it more fascinating and attractive towards it. So today I would like to take a chance to talk about one of my favourite games, which is Racers.

As I was raised up with friends all around boys, so they used to play boyish games such as racing and boxing or games which contained only fight. Similarly, one day one of my brothers was playing this racing game which contained all the racing cars of different colours. The game starts with the cars with our personalized colour and our favourite brand. It also has different options if we reach a particular level. We have to pass through different levels, and then we can unblock our cars with a higher speed as well as mileage.

I used to play this game all day long, and mother, as usual, found it very irritating as I used to always used to stick with this game. At the end of the day, it actually became a habit that without winning that level, I used to not quit the game as it was fascinating as it became my interest to play whenever I got time. I find it more attractive to it as it gives us many rewards in between as also a personalized car. Even now, if I have free time, I do play the game as it relishes my childhood memories.

Follow-ups of Describe a Computer/phone Game You Enjoy Playing Since Your Childhood

Question 1:- What is the impact of teen addiction to games?

Answer:- Being addicted to games would have detrimental effects on a child’s mind. Firstly, they will have mood swings, and also, they will be irritated. Secondly, they will be less physically active in outdoor games and will always stick to video games. Thirdly, they may also have an impact on the eyes as they further have to wear to specs at an early age. Lastly, they will be distracted from studies, and they will have a loss in study.

Question 2:- Should parents or teachers take necessary action to prevent children from playing games?

Answer:- Yes definitely. Being at home, parents should make necessary prevention towards the child. Playing video games have its advantages, such as it boosts memory. Also, they have better social skills. But on the other side, it will be harmful if the child becomes addicted to parents and teachers must look after and put some limitations on playing. And also, they must also keep under look which game they are playing as too much rigorous game may lead to bad effect on the child.

Question 3:- What do you think are the benefits of playing games?

Answer:- As I said earlier by playing games may boost memory. And also, it improves manual dexterity as well as they become a good problem solver. Moreover, video games are also a tricky way of learning. Also, it inspired them to be more persistent.

Question 4:- Why games have been popular amongst teenagers in recent years?

Answer:- I think due to innovations, and due to attractiveness features, games have become more famous these days. Also, parents not being at their home children will definitely indulge themselves in the videogames. And also, less popularity of outdoor games has a great impact on children that leads them towards video games.

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