You Feel the Evening Programs on a Local Television Station

You Feel the Evening Programs on a Local Television Station

You feel the evening programs on a local television station are uninteresting. Write a letter to the manager of the television station. In your letter explain

Why you do not like the current programs
Describe what kind of programs you would like to see instead
Explain why these programs would be better

Dear Sir,

I am Vikas resident of Park Vihar 902 Block A, and writing this letter to express my sheer annoyance towards the programs displaying on domestic television presently.

Most of the time, especially on a channel named sony, the operator shows merely one serial that is CID. It is a crime based show which involves anti-social elements, such as theft, murder, homicide and illegal possessions. This influence and provides an abundance of ways to commit crimes and escape from the police.

Despite these unsociable programmes, in my personal opinion, you should provide biographies of well-known personalities. Moreover, channels providing academic knowledge or based on sci-fi should be promoted at a large scale.

The main reason in support of my suggestion is that this will help to develop today’s generation generations interest in science and set them away from antisocial acts.

Hope you look into this matter and adopt optimistic measures as a priority.

Yours Sincerely,

This is the END of Writing Task You Feel the Evening Programs on a Local Television Station

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