Talk About a Lazy Person You know

Talk About a Lazy Person You know

Talk About a Lazy Person You know-

Who the person is
How well you know him
What makes this person lazy
What should he do to improve

well, I saw many lazy persons in my life. Some are very successful. In contrast, some are still struggling with their own problems due to laziness, so here I would like to talk about my own brother according to me who is the laziest person ever I saw the name of my brother is Sajan he is in his early 30s for my this preference the main reason behind his laziness is delaying like we both are teachers.

We are from the CM department. Whenever the higher authority is assigned any task to us, he always tries to delay and delay. Still, I am very punctual, and I always try to perform an assigned task on time or before time.

But he always likes to perform the task in a hurry and short-run when the time is all resubmission is about to come and another feature of his laziness is non-punctuality of time like the school starts at right 8 AM and he always departs from home by 755, and it takes it to take around 10 minutes from home to the school so in this way most of the time.

Whenever I go with him I also get late I think that the thing that makes him lazy is maybe it’s his habit or the availability of more time or there are no strict rules and regulations like if there would be any rules legal regarding arriving a time at school and I think no one would be less so I think he’s the laziest person to come out of from his it’s his laziness he needs to learn the importance of time like some serious time is money and nothing is more valuable than time so if he understands this statement then Definitely came out of his this bad habit and become punctual to the time

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Follow-ups Talk About a Lazy Person You know.

Question 1:- How can a lazy person make money?

Well, a lazy person can make money much faster and in a better way than an active person because I think a lazy person always tries to perform the activity in a very simplest way that could save time and effective also so in this way they can perform much more than that of the active person in a small span of time.

Question 2:-How to motivate lazy people?

The lecture method would not be a suitable method to motivate a lazy person. We need to help a lazy person reach cognise and understand the importance and value of time in life since every second in life is very important. If he can manage this thing, he would be self-motivated for every task.

Question 3:-According to you, what characteristics define a lazy person?

They could be many features of a lazy person is like firstly he always tries to escape from the responsibilities secondly perform every task in the slow run and take a long period of time, or we can say more than average time moreover lazy person is one who didn’t get up early in the morning and whose movements are .prolonged

Question 4:-According to you, can a lazy person be successful?

Yeah, I definitely even saw many lazy people, even my students, who became successful people because laziness is not a disability. Still, it’s just a feature of a person for some people. It could be a hindrance. On the contrary, for others, it is a pathway for a better and successful life.

Question 5:-Do you think a lazy person to do a difficult job.

I will definitely go with a lazy person to do a difficult task see as much I notice the active person always do hard to perform a complex task. In contrast, a lazy person is like always try to be in a comfortable zone and tries to find the simplest and easiest way to perform and came out from the complex situations that solutions sometimes be very effective and efficient that brings all of the great positive results. Hence, I think it’s better to give difficulty as today’s even so that they could have better results if he fails And he would definitely go for hard work instead of laziness.

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