Some Countries Have Introduced Laws to Limit Working Hours

Some Countries Have Introduced Laws to Limit Working Hours

Some countries have introduced laws to limit working hours for employees. Why are these laws introduced? Do you think they are a positive or negative development?

Nowadays, in numerous nations employees have been forced to work for longer periods of time by employers. However, government authorities are imposing strict legal laws against it since workers feel overburdened and their health is at stake. I believe this initiative is favourable for employees. Upcoming segments will illustrate my viewpoint with relevant examples.

To embark with, a plethora of factors are behind that espoused the introduction of laws to restrict hours of daily work. Because of the extended working time period, employees have a sense of overburdening and they always try to escape from obligation and accountability. In addition to this, people working for more than standard time are vulnerable to health hazards such as low life expectancy and unbalanced posture. Consequently, they could not enjoy personally as well as professional life. To exemplify, a survey conducted by Cambridge University stated that overtime workers have been the most unsatisfactory category for the last five years in Canada.

Implementing stringent laws in respect of restricting working hours is definitely an advantageous growth for the workers and their family. Strict laws will let some time free for jobbers to spend quality time with their peers and family members. Furthermore, the efficiency and productivity will enhance when they readily accept responsibility assigned by superiors. Altogether, it develops good personal and professional relationships. For instance, a recent report by the government concluded that people with fixed time job are more likely to stay happy at work and at home in comparison with people who spend maximum time on a job.

In a nutshell, I believe putting fresh rules and regulations to bound working hours is a precisely acceptable phenomenon since it serves better health and interpersonal relationships.

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