Very Few School Children Learn About the Value of Money and How to Look After It (4) (1)

Very Few School Children Learn About the Value of Money and How to Look After It

Very few school children learn about the value of money and how to look after it, yet this is a critical life skill that should be taught as part of the school curriculum. Do you agree or disagree?

Financial management is an essential skill, yet it is not taught by educational institutions. I am of the opinion that money management skills should be taught in higher secondary school. This essay will discuss the importance of teaching financial management at a young age.

Many people suffer from financial crises at some point in their life because of their negligence. People nowadays spend money on unnecessary things and regret them later when they are in an emergency. For instance, most pupils spend huge funds on the latest gadgets just to publicize and suffer the consequences later when they do not necessary financial resources during medical medicines.

However, if we inculcate this critical skill in an academic curriculum in secondary schools, children will know the significance of saving money in their early days and will practice this habit over the years. To illustrate, a person who has an understanding of saving their earnings and investing them for better profit will have a better standard of living.

To conclude, school management should teach fiscal management as a mandatory course to make students realize and appreciate the value of money.

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