You Are Going on A Short Course to A Training College Abroad (2) (1)

You Are Going on A Short Course to A Training College Abroad

You are going on a short course to a training college abroad. It is a college that you have not been to before. Write a letter to the accommodation officer. In your letter,

  • give details of your course and your arrival/departure date
  • explain your accommodation needs
  • ask for information about getting to and from the college

Dear sir/madam,

I am writing this letter to enquire about the accommodation details that the college offer.

I wish to do a data science course in your college. This is an emerging technology with a bright future. This course duration is one year and will start on January 1 2021. I will start my journey by the end of December so I can join the class from the first day and will stay for one year still my course is complete.

I am totally new to this place and also do not have much idea related to accommodation. I am looking for safe accommodation with a separate bathroom and single bedroom at an affordable rate. Regarding the accommodation place, it should be near to college or transport facility should be available for easy travel.

Could you please arrange affordable accommodation for my stay for one year? Feel free to contact me in case of any concern.


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