Talk about a Time when You Changed Your Opinion

Talk about a Time when You Changed Your Opinion

Talk about a Time when You Changed Your Opinion

You should say :

  • When was it?
  • What was the original opinion?
  • Why you changed it?
  • And explain how you felt about it?

Sample Answer of Talk about a Time when You Changed Your Opinion

well there for a play Thora of situations in my life when I found myself in complete confusion, and after choosing one option I changed my opinion over that here I would like to talk about a situation when I really changed my decision at the last moment, but that helps me a lot, and that proved worthy for me like last month my battery of iPhone got degraded to 60% which is very low from the optimum level for that I was looking for a power bank so that I could have backup power for my mobile phone whenever I need as I am a teacher so most of the time I need to take classes at the phone so usually I need back up for my mobile phone, so I started surfing on the internet from where I came to know that there are many brands available for the power banks, but there was a site that is called from where I was getting a power bank for just 500 which originally priced around 2000

I was literally glad at first that I got such a discounted offer from the website so I decided to place an order with that I was almost about to place an order instantly my friend came who is an expert in technology and social insights because he most of the time he buys things from online websites then I told him that I am going to be going to buy this power bank which is 20,000 MH and I got it at a very cost-saving offer when we asked for me the site I told him the name of the site he on the spot stopped me and asked me to change my decision because he already involved in fraud with that website, so he told me the whole story like how he lost his Rs.5000 due to that is that bog0us website so after hearing his story I decided to change my opinion and I was about to make payment and then I instantly cancelled that and I am on his suggestion

I went to the official website of M I where I got the same power bank for Rs.1 599 which was bit costly But the official site was really a trustworthy one when I received my parcel I was delighted with the product because it was as same as that of the descriptions provided online so I thank my friend a lot that he he came on the time and aware me about such waste apps if I would involve in that I would definitely lost my Rs.500 so I thanked him a lot and aware many of my other friends to stay away from such kind of websites

Follow Ups Talk about a Time when You Changed Your Opinion

Question 1. Do children like to change opinions?

Answer – Yes it’s very common among children is that they usually like to change their opinions the main reason behind it first of all their mentality sometimes children have some opinions that are unrealistic in nature or a material so when they found it difficult to do such things they awfully change your opinions about that another thing is their nature at such a young age is very influences in nature when someone influence them they lose their stand and walk behind them so in this way very frequently they change opinions

Question 2. Why do people change opinions?

Answer – As I told earlier the two factors are the mentality and the influencing apart from this as much I noticed people change your opinion when they have better option than the previous one like I take my personal example I wanted to buy a mobile phone of MI brand but later on I change my opinion when I got a very good opportunity at discounted rate for Samsung mobile phone

Question 3. Who do young people turn to for advice?

Answer – In order to get advise young people first of all I like to talk to the their friends because it is the safest in the secure zone where they like to share everything apart from the friends they also go up to their mentor is like teacher or tutor or any proof other professionals who can advise them a better option last but not least their parents also act as a director for them who direct and guide children in article situations or whenever the children need their guidance

Question 4. Do people like giving an opinion about politics?

Well in India this is a very common phenomena that where ever and in what is whatever situation you are people like to give advices and like to talk about politics even without any need they like to give opinion like recently I was travelling through a bus where I heard a conversation between two we are both were like arguing that this government should come in next election or that government that this government is worst and this in this way they are giving their opinion about politics even without having deep knowledge of that so I think it’s not wise to give any sort of opinion without knowing the aspects

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