You Had Dinner with Your Friend’s Family

You Had Dinner with Your Friend’s Family

You had dinner with your friend’s family. Write a letter to your friend and express your feelings about the dinner. In your letter, you should:

· Say what you enjoyed about the dinner

· Describe how you feel about his/her family

· Invite your friend and his/her family to your place.

Dear Aman,

Hello there! Everything thing is as fit as a fiddle here, and I hope you find this in high spirits. Well, I’m writing this to appreciate you and your family efforts to made dinner auspicious.

First of all, I would like the hospitality I received at your home last Sunday. Everything about that evening was really appealing, although delicious cuisines were at the top of the list. You know! I feel the taste as same as I ever have at my home. Secondly, the desert was finger-licking. Mostly, at five-star restaurants, I had tasted this kind of outstanding dinner after paying a high cost.

I love each and every member of your family, especially your mother. Even though it was the first time, she treated me as his third son. Your younger brother is really a jovial character. His jokes are making me laugh till now, and his sense of acting and mimicry are splendid; he should pursue a career in it.

I tell even a single minute to spend there to my mother. She is delighted and wants to thank you for inviting you along with your family to a dinner at my location. So let me know when you would come.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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