The Manufacturing and Use of Cars Damage the Environment but Their Popularity Is Increasing (4)

The Manufacturing and Use of Cars Damage the Environment but Their Popularity Is Increasing

The manufacturing and use of cars damage the environment but their popularity is increasing. Why is this? How could this be controlled?

We are living in the technological era. There are many advancements that occur in daily lives. These days, the production and usage of public vehicles such as cars are increasing, that’s why they create negative effects on our environment as well as their demand is also escalating. In further paragraphs, I will discuss why these happen and what steps should be taken to protect the environment.

There are many causes of the damaging environment due to the use and manufacturer of cars. First of all, it happens because of people’s interest and hobby in buying a new car. Secondly, people are very curious about their cars. Sometimes, People forget and are unaware that their car spoiled a carbon footprint. Nowadays, the use of cars is increasing so that pollution also increased. For Example, in India, around 30% of people have their own car. These cars increase the pollution through the use of fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel so that our trees and plants are damaged.

To prevent these, we should take the necessary steps. We can control these by decreasing the use of cars. Firstly, we should use electronic cars instead of petrol and diesel ones. This is the main step to saving our environment. Secondly, we also use CNG motors. There are many CNG and PNG motors available in the world. Furthermore, If possible, avoid the use of a motor. We can use cycles rather than cars. For instance, in Japan, the majority of people use cycles for going from one place to another. They believe that if we avoid four-wheel vehicles, it is more beneficial to our environment.

To conclude, I must say that there are positive and negative sides to using and manufacturing cars. It depends on people’s interests. I should say government make strict rules to avoid or use of cars which are not harming our environment in present and future.

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