The Governments Should Give Each Citizen a Basic Income so That They Have Enough Money to Live On (1)

The Governments Should Give Each Citizen a Basic Income so That They Have Enough Money to Live On

The governments should give each citizen a basic income so that they have enough money to live on, even if they are unemployed. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Almost everyone opines in the world that irrespective of age, employment and status, each person should receive financial support from the government officials to spend their minimum expenses to survive for daily living. I agree with the statement and elaborate my views in further essay with supporting examples and thus lead to a logical conclusion.

To begin with, there are numerous reasons why the government should provide income to every individual. The first and foremost reason, students cannot ask their parents for certain things in which money is a prerequisite. For instance, some want to go for a movie for entertainment purposes after stressful studying hours, and some want to spend on learning new courses to update themselves with the advancement of technology. So, if these pupils receive income from the government, that would certainly help them in plenty of activities. Also, academic students who are fascinated about the sports and want to engage their spare time in the physical activities, it can certainly aid to register in paid training which may be used to get admission in topmost reputed university from sports quota or else it they may get opportunities and achieve better future in the sports field.

Moreover, the older people who work in private companies will not receive a pension monthly, and they should depend on their children for financial and mental support. Nowadays everyone is busy in their own world and even cannot have time to have a little conversation with their parents. So, if the state and central government are paying monthly income to them, it can benefit and support them in daily expenses like hospital bills. On the other hand, after completion of undergraduate students who cannot grab the jobs, it may help to learn further programmes or online courses can boost up their confidence that they do not rely on their parents and may achieve success and goals in their lives.

To conclude, the whole world is favouring the same trend that everyone has the right to receive a monthly stipend to support their own needs, and I completely support that income from the officials that would benefit the citizens in a lot of things.

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