Some People Consider Thinking About the Future and Planning for The Future to Be Waste of Time (4) (1)

Some People Consider Thinking About the Future and Planning for The Future to Be Waste of Time

Some people consider thinking about the future and planning for the future to be waste of time. They argue that people should simply live in the moment. Do you agree or disagree?

The planning of the future is very important for everyone in their life because, without it, there is nothing we can do. But it is also very important to live in the moment because sometimes enjoying the moment is precious, as I am going to explain in my further writing.

On the one hand, everyone is thinking about their future because it is an important part of our life and if we cannot plan for the future then we are unable to achieve our goals in life and also when our parents get older, then they totally depend on us, so we have to plan for our future for our family. Sometimes you never know where life can take us, but we have to make sure that we have a backup plan for our future. Moving ahead is not a waste of time; some people spend their life and their dreams to achieve their goals in life. Like doctors, engineers they spend most of the time on a study table to become whatever their dream is, so it is a part of life, and we have to make sure about our future.

On the other hand, some people think that simply live in the moment, but in that case, you never know what is next happening in life, and you are not prepared for that thing. Meanwhile, living in the moment is not for my type. I have to think about my future and family because that is the only way I can achieve my goals in my life and give my parents a better lifestyle which they totally deserve.

In conclusion, thinking about the future is more important than living in the moment because my parents have hope from me that I can build my future on my own basis.

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