Describe a Goal that You Hope to Achieve in the Future

Describe a Goal that You Hope to Achieve in the Future

Describe a goal that you hope to achieve in the future or Describe your goal in life

  • what the goal is
  • when you first began to have this goal
  • how you would achieve the first step of your goal
  • how easy or difficult you think it will be to reach this goal

Sample Answer of Describe a Goal that You Hope to Achieve in the Future or Describe your goal in life

well in my entire life, from schooling till now, I set many goals, and I achieve most of them very easily; however, here I would like to talk about a goal that I set in 2017, but till now I have not been achieved it, and that goal is nothing other than getting 8777 band score in Isles exam I clearly remember it was April 2017, and I was sitting beside one of my colleagues, and he was talking about something like express entry the way by which one experienced and educated candidate can migrate to Canada within three lakh, and he also motivated me to do so because he is well-known that I had good command over English so I consulted that and searched about it on Google and I came to know the exact procedure

Then I again set up I set a goal for myself that I have to achieve an 8777 band score anyhow in Ireland so that I could also migrate to Canada within a meagre cost from that day till now I have been work have been practising for my desired band score. Already I have appeared for the exam three times, but every time I lag with 0.5 bands, sometimes in speaking and sometimes in writing, so this time, I am again in the test it so with the hope that this time. I would definitely get my band score desired band score, and within the next year, I would be in Canada, so I really worked very hard for this school, and it is challenging to achieve. I remember during my childhood, I was very weak in English. I had not good command over it, so I started it with fundamental learning like tenses the forms of a sentence this and that, and now I am a bit proficient in English, so at present, I am working for it very hard so that I could achieve this time so this is the goal that I said recently. I hope I would definitely achieve it, and in the upcoming times, I will find myself in Canada.

Follow-ups Describe a goal that you hope to achieve in the future or Describe your goal in life

Question 1. Should parents set goals for children?

Answer – I believe in the early stage of children like during childhood parents need to set very Middle East goals for their children since at that age children are not capable of setting their own goals

Question 2. What would you feel if you couldn’t achieve your goals?

Answer – This happened much time with me when I was totally unable to achieve my goal, and during that situation, I feel very disappointed with myself, and that makes my situation very terrible at that time I skip my meal stop talking to anyone I just lock myself in a room and suffer from the cabin fever

Question 3. When do young children start to set goals for themselves?

Answer – It is a widespread phenomenon that young children start setting their own goals when they are mature enough to understand the pros or pros and cons of the situation, and at this age, they set goals whatever they like to have for them

Question 4. Do Indian people usually set goals?

Setting goals is prevalent not only in India but also all over the world since goals are the only aspects that give us a believed to live for or to work phone if you don’t have any goal in our life, then definitely our life would be indolent

Question 5. Why do people set goals?

People said goals in order to stay directed and do something in their life like if we go without any goal, then our life would be as same as that of stray dogs

Question 6. Do people need to write down targets or just memorise them?

I don’t think people need to write their goals on piano paper. I believe goals are the things that a week us and directed us to do something in life, so anything that we decided to do in our life that just stuck in our mind and we need we don’t need to write it down, and anywhere as it self get stuck in the subconscious mind of human being

Question 7. Do you think people should talk to others about their goals?

I think we should not talk about the goals that decide for themselves because sometimes people started making fun of them, or sometimes they demotivate others so that he could not achieve the goal that he had Saturday, so I believe keeping goals with us, and when we succeeded in succeeds in that then we can tell it to an all

Question 8. What is more rewarding, working towards the goal of achieving it?

As much I experience walking towards the goal is more rewarding than achieving because during the way when we are on the way to achieve the goals we get to learn many things many skills, and it provides all-round development of an individual, but once we achieve the goal we stay at the same place, and we feel satisfied for some time, but later on again we start craving something so it’s better to be on the path and it is more rewarding as compared to the achieving it

Question 9. Do you think it’s important to have realistic goals?

Yes, it is essential to have materialistic goals in life the goals that we can really achieve all that could be achieved in future since if we have goals that are immaterial or unrealistic in nature, then we would never achieve it and it would definitely demotivate us and take us away from the motive for which we are living in the world

Question 10. Do young people and old individuals have different sorts of goals? What are they?

Yes definitely young people and the old individuals have different sets of coal for themselves since the pub the first thing is the purpose like the young children always think about themselves like what they want to achieve their career plans they said goals go in order to achieve all these aspects we are as old always set goals for the well being of their children

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