The Company Had Arranged a Language Training

The Company Had Arranged a Language Training

The company had arranged a language training. You and your colleagues would like to have more of such training. Write a letter to your manager requesting the same.

Where do you want the session to take place?
Why do you want more of such sessions?
When do you want the session to take place?

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to enquire regarding language training on Cloud Computing which is going to held on next week by the company. Moreover, our entire team is interested in joining this training session.

First off, the original plan is to held a session in Auditorium 3, but we suggest that there are only a few seats available there. As the number of attending trainees increasing in number day by day. So, Could you please plan the session in Auditorium 5 as it accommodates a plethora of seats?

Although we need more sessions on cloud computing on AWS as it is now trending technology, not only that, also we can get ample knowledge to proceed further in our career.

Besides that, the actual plan of training duration was about 2 months, but we need one more month to gain more experience as well as knowledge on the technology. We are interested in trying on hands-on experience.

I am looking forward to a favourable response.

Yours faithfully,

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