Modern Lifestyles Mean that Many Parents Have Little Time for Their Children (5) (1)

Modern Lifestyles Mean that Many Parents Have Little Time for Their Children

Modern lifestyles mean that many parents have little time for their children. Many children suffer because they do not get as much attention from their parents as children did in the past.

In the modern world, mostly children are facing loneliness because their parents are busy with their lifestyle and unable to spend quality time with them; hence they do not get much attention from parents as they did in the early days. This essay will elaborate on its reasons and what is the solution to control this generation gap with relevant examples and suggestions.

Over the span of the last 2 decades, the emotional and physical connection of children with their parents was extinction tremendously. The main cause is the industrial revolution, and because of this, both parents start working for their livelihood. A recent study on 50 parents in India concluded that they want to give their child a good education with a healthy life, and for this, they struggle a lot so unable to spend a good time with them.

Furthermore, this will lead to depression because of the lack of moral and emotional support from their parents, and the result is children start isolating themselves. And there are various ways to come out from that situation such as Government employee are nowadays getting an extra privilege leave so that anyone can enjoy and also go on family trips or vacations. Moreover, parents should also make their own daily schedule and manage their time accordingly so neither it affects their work-life nor their family life.

All in all, Mostly developed countries facing that such issues, so it’s a learning for the developing nation so in future, they will not suffer from the same and now take the right decision and implement in their lifestyle.

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