Talk About a Job that You Would Not Like to Do (1)

Talk About a Job that You Would Not Like to Do

Talk about a job that you would not like to do. Please say

  • What job is it?
  • How do you know about it?
  • Is it hard or easy to do?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Job that You Would Not Like to Do

Nowadays, people have a lot of options and choices to choose the job related to their study. At present people have to face alot of competition to get their desired jobs. The choice of the job depends on an individual’s interest. Here I would like to talk about a job which I don’t want to do in future.

It is the job of the Doctor. It is one of highest salaries and Ruptiated job. But there are some points about this job.. Made me demotivated to choose this job. Firstly, the study of medicine is very tough, and the syllabus is like a mountain for me. one of my best friends, Rohit, was told in a recent conversation he has to study 5 to 8 hours Daily for passing a medical exam and also this job demand knowledge of each part of human body and Diseases around the world.

The procedure of treatment is very tough. Seeing any person in pain or injured is very sad for me, so from this point, we get to know I am a very emotional person. The duty of DoctorDoctor is to take a big responsibility for a Human Life. So I am not ready enough to save a life. These reasons made why I can’t be a doctor.

Part 3 (Discussion) Talk About a Job that You Would Not Like to Do

Question 1:- What interests people more, a good salary or an interesting job?

Question 2:-Can people with different levels of income be equally happy?

Question 3:-Is pay raise the best motivation tool for workers?

Question 4:-What else can employers do to motivate their employees to perform better at work?

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