The Movement of People from Villages to Cities for Work Can Cause Serious Problems in Both Places (1) (1)

The Movement of People from Villages to Cities for Work Can Cause Serious Problems in Both Places

The movement of people from villages to cities for work can cause serious problems in both places. What are the serious problems associated with this? What measures can be taken to solve these problems?

People relocating from urban to rural for work can bring serious challenges in both places. This essay will discuss one of the main causes of working in cities and suggest a viable solution.

The major problem people face in working in cities is renting accommodation. Houses in cities are very expensive to rent because people move from their villages to cities for work. Due to this, the demand for renting is high in cities, making it difficult for people from villages to afford it. An example is, in my country, most youths from urban who have moved to cities to find work are found sleeping on streets, under bridges, and in front of shops in night, which is not good for their health.

A solution to this worrying problem is building plenty of affordable apartments in all cities that at least those sleeping in the street can pay for and have good rest. For instance, there was a house around a market in my place which they give for a rent a day at very low cost for those who do not have a place to sleep and also strangers.

To conclude, one of the main problems with renting accommodation can be solved by building plenty of affordable apartments in the cities.

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