Some People Say that No One Should Work after the Age of 65 Others

Some People Say that No One Should Work after the Age of 65 Others

Some people say that no one should work after the age of 65. Others say that they should continue the work as long as they want. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

There has been an ongoing debate about whether older people should continue work after the age of 65 or supposed to accept retirement. I support the latter part of the controversy, and upcoming segments will illustrate my favour with relevant examples and explanations.

On one side, a number of people argue that senior workers, after attaining specific age, should retire from the work and stay at home with their family member members peacefully. Continuously decreasing productivity is one of the main reasons. Due to the lack of physical strength, older people are not capable of performing enduring tasks. Weaker bones, low strength and vision make them more vulnerable to miss-happenings. For example, the Indian Army retire their soldiers after the age of 62 since after this they are not able to accomplish duty duties at night and not even defend themselves from critical situations. Moreover, I beluga that at this age despite going on the job they should spend rest of the life with family at home.

On the other hand, many people still like to work even after retirement age, and employees also allow them to do that works which involves less physical strength. By doing this, employers can be blessed with having the best-experienced personnel, and senior employees can earn their livelihood who lives separately from their kins. For example, evidently there are still many organisations where the post of clerk aged and experienced old workers are employed since such job position requires a little physical endurance. Last but not least, age is just numbers that cannot define an individual’s determination and physical capabilities.

To conclude, undoubtedly there are many senior jobbers who are fit as a fiddle and willing to work at distinguished positions; however, in my opinion, they should retire because of becoming less productive, prone to miss-happenings and after earning entire age they should enjoy enjoy this part of life.

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