Write a Letter to Your Friend Who Agrees to Stay at Your Place while

Write a Letter to Your Friend Who Agrees to Stay at Your Place while

Write a letter to your friend who agrees to stay at your place while you have to go for a vacation; thank you, friend, for staying at your place and Reminding them of the vacation dates.

Tell your friends where to take the keys.

Tell your friend about some things which you want them to do at your place.

Dear Sam,

Hey there! Everything is as fit as a fiddle here, and I hope you find this in high spirits. As you know well, I am departing to Shimla for a week to spend summer vacation with family. Therefore, I am writing this to remind you of the schedule and thank you for dwelling at my residence until I am out.

I have great fond of tour and travel, as you know, a plethora of times we together had several trips before. However, this time I can’t believe concomitant you since going with family members. I am sure you will take the best care of the home in my absence. For your kind knowledge again I am telling you the date of departure is 5th July and one more thing, you can get the keys of the main door underneath the flower pot placed in the garden, third from the right and rest of keys are kept inside the cupboard in the drawing-room.

During this stay, you should keep in the notice a few vital works. Firstly, every morning by 8 am, you have to take milk from the milk vendor at the door, if you miss that, you have to go to the grocery store, which is 10Km away. Secondly, feed the dog twice a day and set him free from the tied rope at night, else the dog will not let you sleep at night by continuous barking.

I am very grateful for your acceptance to be at my place and assure you that I will bring a splendid gift for you as my vote of thanks. See you soon, buddy. Bye!



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