Describe a Time when a Restaurant Provided You Bad Food Service

Describe a Time when a Restaurant Provided You Bad Food Service

Describe a time when a restaurant provided you bad food service

  • What had happened?
  • When did it happen?
  • How did you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when a Restaurant Provided You Bad Food Service

well, there are many situations when I faced bad services with me such as internet bad internet connectivity and bad hospital facility. Still, I would like to talk about a bad service that I recently faced at a restaurant. I clearly remember it was 13 June since it is my birthday it was my birthday. I decided to throw a party at a nearby restaurant, a very famous one I invited, and I didn’t invite most of my friends I just invited my family members. and I went there to have to had a great dinner with them at At restaurant everything was very clean and very everything was smooth over there and a maroon melody song was at the background then then I ordered dinner over there and after half an hour they served dinner to us but I noticed the dinner was below the standards it was not up to the mark actually I noticed the salad was missing and the Chapaties were half baked and the Sukh contain high salt so on they were even countless faults in dinner then I called one of the better and asked him to replace the With the quality one and he denied my request at first then I started shouting on him and asked him to call the manager then manager rushed to me and and started talking very aggressively with me and he was also drunk over there he started dabbling actually and then I requested them to call the owner of the restaurant and then when on owner came I told him the app the whole situation that and the problem that I faced and then he apologised for that and asked us to come down and then he he took us to Lexi luxurious room where he served very luxurious dinner that the dinner was really delicious one but the later one was totally terrible When I received the previous general I have felt very annoyed at at first later on when they denied my request I was completely frowned at that situation but I somehow I handled it and celebrated my birthday

Follow-ups Describe a Time when a Restaurant Provided You Bad Food Service

Question 1. What kind of services are bad services?

Answer – Well, any service that is below the standard point or considers as bad service like I encountered many bad services at different places such as bad internet service bad customer care service, stale food at the restaurant and Bad better service at restaurants and so on

Question 2. Why do some people choose to remain silent when they receive bad services?

Answer –  See some people don’t like to involve in conflicts and chaos they like to remain very calm and patient, and some people also have a very calm nature that they don’t get angry very soon, so such kind of people don’t get involved in quarrel sums or conflicts whenever they face any faulty service instead of reporting or fighting they wait and Past their time with bad service also

Question 3. Who should be responsible for bad services?

Answer –  See the accountability of any bad service directly lies to the service provider apart from him no one else is responsible for that like if you are a restaurant and wish we have solved stale food or salty food or this for the very low-quality food then the owner of the restaurant or the shape of the restaurant is directly responsible for that because there because everyone is providing service at that restaurant with their names, not with your personal name

Question 4. As a boss, what would you do to prevent bad services?

Answer –  As a boss, whenever I provide any service to my customer, I investigate. Sorry, I check that by myself, and then and later on, I will provide service to my consumers. Apart from this, if anyone experiences bad service, then I would definitely look into that matter and investigate it and try to curb that so out as soon as possible.

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