You Live with a Roommate at University but You Have Trouble Studying

You Live with a Roommate at University but You Have Trouble Studying

You live with a roommate at university, but you have trouble studying because of a problem related to your roommate. Write a letter to an administrator at your university and include:

Who you are

The problem

What you suggest they do

Dear sir,

This is Vikas, one of your students’ dwelling in a boys hostel. My room number is 902, and my Pupin number is 207 6239. Actually, I am writing this letter to put into your notice the problems I am facing due to my roommates.

Presently, I am living in a shared room with two fellow students and totally frowned because of their unwanted disturbance. Firstly, they like to stay awake till late at night along with deafening music. Secondly, they also do a lot of parties with weed and alcohol. These late-night and anti-social acts interrupt me while studying and not allow me to sleep at night.

Consequently, I was hoping you could solve this problem by directing them strict instructions with the last warning shifting me to another room with some sincere ones to focus on my studies since exams are nearby.

I shall be immensely grateful for your concern and hope for an optimistic action from you.

Yours obediently,


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