Some People Think that Everyone Has the Right to Have Access (1)

Some People Think that Everyone Has the Right to Have Access

Some People Think that everyone has the right to have access to university education and that the Government should make it free for all students no matter what financial Background They have. to extend do you agree or disagree with this opinion.

Education is a fundamental right to citizens as per the Constitution of India. In this regard, a number of people opine that government should provide fee-free college education, despite considering monitory backgrounds. Due to the university overhead charges and cost in occurred in providing the best infrastructure, I disagree to the large extent. Upcoming segments are elaborating my viewpoint with proper examples and explanations.

To embark with, residents of every nation possesses equal rights, irrespective of financial backgrounds, to access education. Although universities studies are vital for the greener future, they must not be provided free for all because of involving running costs. It includes electricity bills, maintenance charges, employees salary and working capital requirements and all together, this aggregates up to lakhs that becomes difficult to pay without any source of income. For example, every educational campus makes their day to day expenditure from fees only. Nevertheless, it could be free for backward sections to perform social responsibility on the part of the business.

In addition to this, a huge funds sum of funds is essential to provide quality education and maintenance of proper infrastructure. It covers well-equipped laboratories, advanced computer labs, auditoriums, language labs and playgrounds. Everyone wants such sort of modern amenities but it is completely near to impossible without charging anything. Charging pennies and in return providing the best education is not a big deal. Even people, nowadays, are ready to invest funds for their children’s college education. For instance, the fee structure of many universities includes a building development fund section that mainly focuses on providing the best educational infrastructure. Hence, charges in return for providing education is justifiable.

In conclusion, I believe despite weaving free education, the ministry has to charge fees for providing quality educational surroundings and to cope up with the date today campus expenditures.

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