Talk About an Exciting or Interesting Book You Read (2) (1)

Talk About an Exciting or Interesting Book You Read

Talk about an exciting or interesting book you read

  • What the book is
  • What it is about,
  • Why you read it,
  • Why do you find it exciting

Sample Answer of Talk About an Exciting or Interesting Book You Read

I have read several books on and off bookshelves, but one amazing book is Othello, written by Shakespeare. The book is about a young prince who struggled to be able to inherit his father’s kingdom. He had to go through a series of tasks and tested for his ability to make the right decision for himself and his comrades.

It’s one of the many books written by Shakespeare with his collection ranging from the tempest, Macbeth, Pericles, Prince of Tyre, the two gentlemen from Verona, among a few to mention. I choose this book due to its special use of the King James version and the remarkable description of fictional characters.

I find the book to be exciting due to the morals and motivation it’s given to its readers. They will not give up and try everything if when it’s doesn’t make sense.

Follow ups Talk About an Exciting or Interesting Book You Read

Question 1:- Do people in your country like to read books?

Answer – Not really; most individuals tend to rely on the spoken terms than that of the habits of reading books.

Question 2:- Do you think reading is important?

Answer – It’s an essential part of the mental development of an individual as you are able to train the mind. You get the opportunity to be knowledgeable in diverse areas. So I believe reading is very important.

Question 3:- What kinds of books are most popular in your country?

Answer – History and more academic kinds of literature are common than the others, such as novels, classics and comedy. It’s due to the fact of the nature of the readers preferring academic discourse.

Question 4:- Do you think electronic books will eventually replace paper books?

Answer – Yes, because things are changing drastically so with paper books. Gone are the days people will go to the library to pick a book or sit for reading is gradually fading out due to online books and shelves made to ease the burden of you moving out from your home to get a book. It’s readily available on our smartphones.

Question 5:- Some people like to collect books. Why do you think they do this?

Answer – Mostly for reference and creating a mini library or a study in their various homes. All things being equal, it’s all depends on the individual motive for doing so.

Question 6:- Is compulsory reading (in school) is a good idea?

Answer – I believe it is, as it will propel most students to have a fair idea about what reading is all about and help those who aren’t into reading to develop an interest. You can’t do away with reading in your day to day living as every signpost comes with reading, so with every activity.

Question 7:- What books do children read, and what do adults read?

Answer – Most children tend to read Bible stories and alphanumeric books whilst adults will opt for comedy, novels, journals, articles, newspapers, classics and few to mention depending on the individual interest.

Question 8:- Why do men and women prefer different books?

Answer – It’s all point down to their interest and, at times, the adage created in the society determining which books that need to be read by men and women.

Question 9:- What type of books do children read nowadays?

Answer – Mostly comics and funny memes are used in cartoons. Those are the types children tend to read, but some do prefer advanced reading materials.

Question 10:- Can storybooks be an ideal gift for children?

Answer – Definitely, it is, as no perfect gift is of then giving a storybook as it’s will help shape the child’s mental capacity and be more liberal in their thinking.

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