Some Think that Fathers Should Have Time Off from Work After the Birth of A Child (5) (1)

Some Think that Fathers Should Have Time Off from Work After the Birth of A Child

Some think that fathers should have time off from work after the birth of a child. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is crucial to have a father alongside for the growth and development of a newcomer. Many opine that fathers must be given holidays from their workplace on the arrival of the new child. I completely agree with the opinion as he has to care for not only the child but also the mother. Close examination of the responsibilities and duties will explain this in the subsequent subsections.

It is worth considering that the burden of responsibilities will increase on the birth of a child, as they will need new arrangements in the home as well as a new set of clothes and utensils. In other words, the mother will not be in the condition to do the work, so the father of the child has to make the provisions like making food, cleaning the house, and taking good care of both mother and child so that they can become healthy and fit.

Also, new born’s care will be necessary for which third-person apart from mom and dad can not be trusted and owing to the medical condition of the birth giver we can not perform any heavy work because it can affect her condition. So the child’s pop has to play a major role in it, and he can only do this by having some time off for the department where he works.

In conclusion, having the side of husband after delivery of the wife can give strength to her as she will know that they will be taken care of in a great manner and all those things will give her positive energy and all together will help in faster recovery, which consequently will make the growth of new baby better due to the healthy environment of the home.

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