Some People Think that in This Today’s World (2)

Some People Think that in This Today’s World

Some people think that in this today’s world, getting old is entirely bad. However, other people believe that the lives of older people are much better now than they were in the past. Discuss both points of view and express your own opinion?

Some think that in this contemporary world, aged people have been suffering a lot while others believe that as compared to the past, the recent times have brought so much ease into the life of elders. Both points of view will be discussed in-depth in this essay and conclude by supporting the first argument.

To begin with, it is seen that almost all older adults have been struggling hard to live with the ongoing changes in modern society. Subsequently, this has immensely affected their routine life in coordinating and adapting to the newer challenges they face while interacting with the young generation. Consequently, they start feeling left out and disjointed from society. Technological advancements, for instance, smartphones, have been developing so rapidly in the 21st century that older people cannot adjust to ever-changing technologies. Hence, I certainly feel that it is challenging for ageing people to deal with the surrounding culture.

Contrary to that, a certain number of people claim that this century has paved the way to better the life of old ones. One of the welcoming features of this would be the way health issues are being treated. With the support of modern and computerized instruments, many age-related diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis could be controlled effectively, ultimately easing the pain and making life better. This would not have been possible to achieve in the past, where the older people did not have an option but to live a painful life. However, in my perspective, this benefit is restricted to a small group of older people and is not worthy of countering the previous viewpoint.

In conclusion, although it is claimed that advanced health management for older people has bettered their life, I genuinely believe that it is not the case. Aged people are trying very hard to maintain and manage their life with rapid changes which affect them significantly.

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