Someone Returned to You a Bag that You Lost

Someone Returned to You a Bag that You Lost

Someone returned to you a bag that you lost with all its belongings still inside it. Write a letter to thank the person

  • Thank the person
  • Could you explain how you lost it?
  • Explain why its belongings were so important

Dear pal,

Hello dear, everything is as fir as a fiddle here and praying for your good too. I’m writing this to express my gratitude and appreciate your efforts to return my crucial baggage on time with all accessories in it.

Believe me, and you make me think that honesty is still present in this corruptive world, wherein directly or indirectly, everyone lives for their own sake. Actually, it happened to be like, and I was on the way to a meeting three days later along with 3 luggage. When the train reached the station, I left in a hurry, due to which one baggage remained behind.

Luckily, you got it and contacted me spontaneously with the help of the slip I attached with. It contained all of the vital documents required for my presentation at the respective meeting. In addition to this, it also has some personal belongings too. In tomorrow’s meeting, if I would not have these business papers, it would definitely suffer a huge loss for my company and me. But your kindness saved me.

After meeting, I will surely visit you and bring a gift as a token of love.


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