Talk about a subject you did not like when you are at school but now you find it interesting.

Talk about a subject you did not like when you are at school

Talk about a subject you did not like when you are at school but now you find it interesting.

Well, students learn many subjects which are in their school curriculum such as science, mathematics, English, home science, agriculture and so on. Some subjects are complex to learn but if children learn at the with their own interest, then, they enjoy it. So here I would like to talk about our subject which was difficult for me during my primary school. That subject name was computer science. There are some reasons for it.

First of all, this was a new subject in my school syllabus because, at that time, the Indian government made it necessary to learn this subject for every kid. They added it as a new subject in our school syllabus. So, I felt that it is an extra burden on My Mind because I had to read about 6 other subjects along with it.

Talk about a subject you did not like when you are at school but now you find it interesting.In addition, the teaching method for my computer teacher was not fascinating and captivating. He just taught us theoretical syllabus of this computer subject but he did not help us to do its practical work. So I thought that it is a boring subject.

Apart from it, during my school days, I selected Punjabi medium for school syllabus but when we started reading computer subject, it was in the English language. So, I was unable to understand the English language. I felt it is a difficult subject.

After my primary study, I went to senior Secondary School where our computer teacher had good pedagogical skills. He had enough knowledge about computer subject because he had done masters in computer application. His method of teaching was very good and he explained each and everything very politely to all students.

Moreover, he taught students to operate the computer because, in my senior secondary school, there was a computer lab which included about 15 computers. So, I did practical work of computer. After that time, it became my favorite subject. Furthermore, in the present scenario, I have completed a bachelor degree in computer application course and I am going to admission in master of computer application.

All in all, I found a computer subject very difficult in my childhood the help of a pedagogical expert in my Secondary School, it has become my favorite subject. I love to get more and more information about computers.

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