You Live in a Room in the College Hostel Which Has Serve Problems

You Live in a Room in the College Hostel Which Has Serve Problems

You live in a room in the college hostel which has serve problems. You would like to move into another room and need your hostel super’s permission for that. Write a letter to the hostel super. In your letter

Introduce yourself
Describe your problems
Explain what type of room you would prefer

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to put forth a request to change my accommodation within the college hostel. My name is Hadiya Khan, and I am a 6th-semester law student residing in room no. 2106. Prior to this provision, I was living in the housing schemes developed specifically for foreign students, however, last semester I was requested to shift to the single units in the college hostel to accommodate for the new admissions.

This current room, which has served me well for the past few months, is now starting to deteriorate to an unbearable condition. To list a few of the concerns; the water heater leaks, the flush valve no longer works and there is a constant rodent problem in the living space. Despite my efforts to rectify most of the arising issues, there still are incessant problems that need to be addressed professionally and would require a substantial amount of time.

I would appreciate it if I could be permitted to transfer to my prior housing provision, whilst the issues in my current room are resolved. The villas designated for foreign students may have a spare room and I think I could be adjusted there.

Looking forward to a positive response.


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