Talk about a Piece of Popular News that Has Been Circulating in Local News (4) (1)

Talk about a Piece of Popular News that Has Been Circulating in Local News

Talk about a piece of popular news that has been circulating in local news

  • What the news was about
  • Who told you about the news
  • What do the community think about the news

Sample Answer of  Talk about a Piece of Popular News that Has Been Circulating in Local News

News is one of the most important sources through which people get information around themselves and across the world. For me, It is also important because other than general information, through the news, you actually come to know the reality of the situation.

Off late, I have been watching afghan news that is Taliban have captured Afghanistan completely, and this has been going on for the last few months. Why this is crucial, according to me, as it has raised concerns across the world that one decision has totally changed the lives of the Afghan community and now they have no future.

This news has been floating everywhere, and people in my surrounding are also discussing the same. Yesterday only, when I logged in to the office, my colleagues came to me and started asking about this same news that how the US has put afghan lives into danger.

Now, these terrorists will decide the future of the whole afghan community even though they are saying that they will work for the betterment of the society but based on the past experiences with this group, no one is sure that how these things will move ahead.

At the start of this week, there was a conference held which was on Afghan security issues.

So, this is the news where I have been involved lately.

Follow-ups Talk about a Piece of Popular News that Has Been Circulating in Local News.

Question 1. Do people read newspapers where you live?

Ans. Not many because if I think about my family members, they don’t read the newspaper, they mostly go through online websites, different portals and also for them, the most famous ways of getting the news is through TV news channels. SO they are mostly dependent on TV rather than the newspaper.

Question 2. Do people prefer local or international news?

Ans. It basically depends; for me, I consider both of the news as equally important because local or regional news is crucial as it affects your environment very closely, and that’s why you should be aware of all the events. Also, I consider international news, and this is one world where you have to live, and that’s why you should have knowledge of another side of the people also.

Question 3. Do you think it’s important to have a national identity?

Ans. Yes, National Identity is something which gives you your mark of who you are and from where you belong so that the people with whom you interact or wherever you go in future will understand what kind of culture you belong to and what kind of personality you hold.

Question 4. How can people develop their national identity?

Ans. I think, nowadays it’s not about people, it’s more about government as they are more concerned about giving you the national identity and to develop by working something good for the society like a philanthropist so according to my perspective, this is one of the few ways through which one can enhance their personal identity.

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