Describe a Dinner You Really Enjoyed

Describe a Dinner You Really Enjoyed

Describe a dinner you really enjoyed

You should say:

  • When was it?
  • What did you eat?
  • Who were you with?
  • And explain why you enjoyed it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Dinner You Really Enjoyed

Well, there are not many occasions and events when I had dinner outside because I’m very health conscious for that I love to have food at my home which is cook and bake by my own mother however here I would like to talk about a situation when I had dinner with my family at a famous restaurant in my home town on a special occasion I clearly remember it was 16th September 2020 And that day was on that day it was my parents anniversary to celebrate it at a large scale me and And my brothers decided to throw a grand party for them so my brothers are working they assign me the stars that I needed to go and find out a good restaurant nearby where we could arrange the party it was not a big party it was just a dinner that we all wanted to enjoy outside from the home

so I the home so I went to a very renowned holler restaurant the name of the restaurant was Unique and as for the name its dishes are also very unique like every Saturday the champ yesterday the chef of that restaurant come up with new dish that that is really a finger licking one So I booked a table over there and on anniversary day we took parents to the restaurant and to the restaurant and then we had a cake cutting ceremony and after that we ordered a dinner in that dinner this served a very unique dish since it was Friday and the name of that dish was it was something very unique name that I am not remembering at this time but it was a mixture of Italian and Spanish dish It was completely mind blowing dish and I’d never ever thought such kind of taste ever in my life Everyone was very delighted and happy with that dish with that dinner especially and it made that day very memorable whenever we have to celebrate any such occasions then which occasions then we all goes we all go to that restaurant because of the experience and the taste we had from that so this is this was the special dinner that I had with my family at a restaurant named unique where I tasted a very unique and innovative dish

Follow-ups Describe a dinner you really enjoyed.

Question 1.Why do people like to have special food on special occasions?

Answer – See some people like to celebrate special occasions in unique and different ways so that they could remember the memories and the days with that especially in this case some people like to have extraordinary and unique cuisines I clearly remember on last anniversary of my parents I took them to a dinner in a nearby restaurant in which they enjoyed very delicious dinner which was a very unique and new one

Question 2.What is the difference between eating at home and eating out on special occasions?

Answer – There could be many differences between eating at home and eating at outstations on special occasions like firstly if we are dining at home, then we have to eat whatever we baked, and we need to bake that in advance well in advance but on the other side is on the other side if we are dining outside then we can customize dishes according to our preferences even we can cancel one order, and we can have another order in replacement Another possible difference is like at home we can eat very comfortably in even an informal way, but when we are out we have to be very formal while dining in crowd

Question 3.What national identity can be seen in a nation’s cuisine?

Answer – From the taste of different cuisines from different nations we can guess the name of the nation like from fast foods and from chilli things we can imagine the name of Chinese food on the other side the food which is delicious 1 creamy 1 we can imagine that are Italian ones and the most spiciest food are from Indian ones so in this way from the taste of the dish we can easily guess the name of the country from where it origins

Question 4.Why do global leaders like to gather around for dinner

Answer – gather around for dinner by global leaders or by common people have only one purpose that they could spend some time together for their discussion or for the formal or informal meetings where they can discuss important agendas, And I believe a dinner table is a place an only place where one can get enough time to talk with others despite formal meeting

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