Some People Think that Enjoying the Present Is More Important than Planning for The Future (5)

Some People Think that Enjoying the Present Is More Important than Planning for The Future

Some people think that enjoying the present is more important than planning for the future for both countries and individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Irreparably, in this modern era, people live their lives full of enjoyment and without any tension. They believe in the present and are not secure in future. Apart from that, some people think to secure future that’s why they do not appreciate their gift. The essay will shed light on the valid standpoint in the subsequent paragraph.

Without any doubt, our present is significant in our life because we can plan anything as per our choice. People make potent decisions and implement them for the future. They believe that one should make an effort to make the present time better and people should not worry about the future. For instance, one businessman gives his all step toward his business and tries to achieve success. On the same time hand, on another side he investing is his money in the right direction so that he can secure both things once his business and family are present as well as in the future.

Moreover, the country’s government should implement the new rule and some policies in the education system, so because of these countries, upcoming youth will be more literate and able to focus on their career. For example, new rules related to the education system made by a government help poor people to get a good education. It would help them to get better employment which provides better career growth rapidly.

In conclusion, both present and future play a vital role in a person’s life as well as for the nation. They secure money for the future to fulfil their dreams. Although, people in this contemporary era run with both safe sides, present as well as future.

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