Some People Prefer to Spend Their Lives Doing the Same Things and Avoiding Change (5)

Some People Prefer to Spend Their Lives Doing the Same Things and Avoiding Change

Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change. Others, however, think that change is always good. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

The importance of change in life and learning new skills, which were always debatable, has become more controversial. Many people claim that it is beneficial, while others reject this notion. The substantial influence of this trend has sparked controversy over the potential impact in recent years. In my opinion, both kinds of lifestyles appear to be more rational.

Analyzing the statement and explaining further, the first and foremost reason behind this is that some people feel comfortable in their daily life cycle; they find it suitable and peaceful, so they would like to avoid any the change in it. Another fantastic benefit in this regard is that they have already spent a good time and strength to make their lifestyle comfortable, and they feel satisfied in the zone they have, so they do not want to disturb that comfort zone. Categorically discussing, it can not be ignored that the main reason behind this is to avoid the amendments in life is to live a hassle-free life.

However, many pitfalls negate this argument that change is always good for a better lifestyle; it will enhance personal skills and make the person updated with the new lifestyle and current culture. Therefore, it has always been a positive change in someone’s life. Besides, change in life help to enhance the knowledge of individuals.

To sum up, according to the arguments mentioned above, one can conclude that both types of lifestyles are better. Nevertheless, its potential drawbacks should not be overlooked either, and there should be a lifestyle change.

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