Some People Feel that Certain Workers Like Nurses, Doctors and Teachers Are Undervalue (1)

Some People Feel that Certain Workers Like Nurses, Doctors and Teachers Are Undervalue

Some people feel that certain workers like nurses, doctors and teachers are undervalued and should be paid more, especially when other people like film actors or company bosses are paid huge sums of money that are out of proportion to the importance of the work that they do. -How far do you agree? -What criteria should be used to decide how much people are paid? You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

Some individuals are concerned about the wages of essential workers like nurses, doctors and teachers, too, as their earnings are considerably lower than the film stars or even the company executive. However, their roles and importance are inverted.

As a general rule, salaries and benefits are directly related to profit production. In other words, an individual will earn money for their employer by performing his role. The employer, based on the individual’s skills and efforts, will run the business and share his income outcome with that individual. Therefore, based on this methodology, the medical and teaching staff are paid based on the generated incomes from these businesses. The increased wages of these workers will lead to higher costs for medical and teaching facilities.

On the other hand, the film stars and business executives’ earnings directly affect their movie’s revenue or profitable deals.┬áIn my opinion, based on the above explanation comparing the income of these two sectors is inappropriate, as they earn what they contribute to the business.

Furthermore, this can be suggested that the school & hospitals owners should avoid having the lion’s share and yield appropriate profit shares to their staff whenever it is possible, providing no additional costs to the patients or students.

Conclusively, despite being the cardinal part of the community, the salaries of teachers, nurses and doctors remain dependent on the business earnings, and they are paid based on that. Increasing their wages may certainly result in these facilities being expensive. The amicable solution to this issue can only be to decrease the profit sharing of the owners.

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