Many People Believe that Playing Games and Watching Tv Programmes Is Beneficial

Many People Believe that Playing Games and Watching Tv Programmes Is Beneficial

Many people believe that playing games and watching TV programmes is beneficial but others say it doesn’t improve the mental ability of children. to What extent do you agree or disagree.

In today’s era, Children and teenagers totally depend upon technology, but it also has a drawback that it can’t develop children’s mental ability and due to lack of this children cannot compete with the world. Is it a benefit or not? I am going to explain in my further writing.

I believe playing video games is really a fun-loving activity I also play video games with my friends sometimes, but it is an addiction, and I think children must avoid gaming for a long time because then it becomes a habit. Moreover, watching tv programmes is also not good for my eyes, but if children’s watch knowledgeable things then it is good for them they can get some knowledge through tv, and they can share them with their friends.

However, playing video games and watching tv is not an activity because children cannot play physical games and also they cannot have good body activity because playing physical games develops the body and mental health and also improve the strength and children can interact with many new people and get to each other easily. Moving further, it is a parent’s responsibility to teach their children a good lesson because children can do what their parents teach them.

In conclusion, I totally agree that video games and tv programs lose the children’s mental abilities, and then parents blame the children, but I think it is a parent’s responsibility more than the children.

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