Many People Believe that It Is Easier to Have a Healthy Lifestyle in The Countryside (6) (1)

Many People Believe that It Is Easier to Have a Healthy Lifestyle in The Countryside

Many people believe that it is easier to have a healthy lifestyle in the countryside. Others believe that there are health benefits to living in cities. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Numerous people think that it is effortless to have a hygienic lifestyle in the regional areas, while others suppose there are more advantages to living in cities. To my way of thinking, on the one side after observing the current degrading situation of cities due to pollution and many other things lifestyle in cities I getting unhealthier day by day, while on the other side in regional areas much less pollution is found because of which environment remains fresh, ultimately it helps humans to stay healthier, thus regional areas can be regarded as more potential for a healthier life.

Firstly, people in the cities have a tendency to visit doctors for a weekly/ monthly health checkup, this makes them more health-conscious, but this tendency also makes humans trust their own bodies. Some of them agree to stay in busy cities such as Mumbai, which helps them to stay healthy by working for long hours in the field. Similarly, some of them choose to live in cities because they can consult personal trainers in the fitness club, which is a greater advantage over regional areas.

Secondly, residents of regional areas prefer a slow pace lifestyle which they are required more by the body to stay fit also in some regions it’s mandatory to work for short hours for, e.g. up till 5’o o’clock, this helps them to keep their body maintained as to give rest to our body for recovery. Many prefer regional areas just because of food as they are more adapted to homemade curds, vegetables, etc. They are hardly in contact with fast food, which indirectly results in a healthy lifestyle.

To conclude, individuals in cities love to serve their needs with a high-quality diet, workouts, etc. In contrast, the ones in the region focus on a diet rich in vitamins, calories, etc. and an equal amount of working and rest for a healthy routine.

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