Describe a Time when You Watched a Live Sports Event (2)

Describe a Time when You Watched a Live Sports Event

Describe a time when you watched a live sports event

  • When it happened
  • Where it took place
  • Who you watched it with
  • And explain how you felt about this experience

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when You Watched a Live Sports Event

The live sports I had seen maybe two years back before the COVID-19 my husband and I went to watch the wrestling competition at our house in it was held in the Sports Center and Riffa. Actually, I’m not particular about watching wrestling competitions, honestly.

I don’t like wrestling, but my husband really insisted I go with him to watch the competition apparently I felt so disgusting to think it’s the people are biting or they are slapping each other I felt a little bit not funny I couldn’t really enjoy that moment because I’m not a person who is really enjoying that somebody is making conflicting each other. I feel so sad because I saw that even small kids are playing this game.

I know it’s a game, but the thing I really cannot take as a game is, you know, maybe I am a person who is not really spotty with that. Maybe this is the reason that I couldn’t digest that game. However, I realize that I cannot go to watch the Wrestling competition anymore.

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Question 1:- What is the most popular sporting event in your country?

Answer – The most popular event in our country is football and cricket there are many other sports like basketball or tennis badminton, and I miss golf although there are many sporting events are their cricket, and football is the most they are the number one highlighted because everyone loves to play this it’s very common in-between between our children and both girls and boys are equally like to play this game

Question 2:- Why are sporting events important?

Answer – Sporting events are really crucial in childhood it’s encouraging them to achieve their goals. Moreover, it’s a part of the social-economic development of every nation

Question 3:- What sort of games and sports do you take part in?

Answer – Honestly, I love to play badminton my husband is one of the badminton players so apparently I came to the part of that play that game also my son he loves to play the same of course somebody is encouraging us or inspiring us to play in a particular game this is the way we are attracting the game mostly because in my childhood I was a single child because of that I wasn’t that much aware of the games around me although I had many I had

Question 4:- What kinds of sports facilities exist in your community?

Answer – As I mentioned earlier we have badminton and tennis golf cart body is basically from India then swimming also javelin throw shotput running like 100 m 200 m running these are the main activities I know in my country I hope there are many because I’m not getting all games in my mind right now

Question 5:- Do men and women play the same kind of sports?

Answer – I think it’s both men and women who can do the same game. I think there are no variations in any game according to their taste or according to their capability and according to what they want to depend on that I think gender is not a matter. Anyone can play any game

Question 6:- How do you think the government could encourage more people to exercise and participate in sport?

Answer – I think government can conduct some competitions every month in social from the society itself because the government is spread that ass like in district level also the village level so in that way the government authorities have to begin some kind of competition someone who is really interested in playing with and from that you know we can realize the talented people we can find out the most talented people they would reach their highest level in the future, so I think it is really important that the government has to prepare some kind of activities in every society

Question 7:- Do you prefer to watch sports events on TV at home or to watch them live? Why?

Answer – I’m not you always are going and watching this live sports because I’m not a person that I am I may not reach 40 people I love most like a live program like singing art arts I love more than the sports so I’ll try to watch especially if you get a new TV not like all the if I get any chance I don’t think I will go directly to watch in Live section

Question 8:- What are the benefits of sport or exercise?

Answer – Apparently there are many advantages while doing a desperate exercise which is really helped to improve the health issues it’s a preventive measure to have good health, so Health and sports Center equally related or interconnected with each other a healthy person would not have a deadly or life-threatening disease can be prevented by the exercise or physical exercise

Question 9:- Does the ticket price to live sporting events affect decisions to attend?

Answer – According to my it may affect the decision because I am not as I mentioned above, I really don’t like to watch live streams I if I like it, especially the cricket and football I can watch on TV, especially if it is I know the ticket price is very high, so of course, I will not prefer to buy an expensive ticket to watch the live session live sports session

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