Many Believe That Living in a City Offers Greater Benefits

Many Believe That Living in a City Offers Greater Benefits

Many believe that living in a city offers greater benefits compared to life in the countryside. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, an increasing population is migrating from rural to urban areas. A number of people opine that life in metropolitan areas is far better than in the villages. I completely agree with this ideology since cities provide modern infrastructure and better career options. This essay will discuss my viewpoint with relevant examples and explanations.

There are a plethora of advantages that support the above-mentioned trend. First and foremost, modern areas provide well-developed infrastructure in the form of international schools, advanced hospitals and uninterrupted transportation. Evidently, now city‘s have 24×7 medical facilities along with specialist doctors. In addition to this, now schools are not only focusing on English but also have access to other international languages such as German French Dutch and so on. These eminent factors for better living are majorly responsible for shifting. To illustrate, a survey was conducted on people relocation, 80% of the population moving merely for quality schooling and medical amenities.

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Secondly, advanced areas are hubs of golden career opportunities. Plenty of jobs are available for literate, illiterate, skilled and unskilled persons, especially in developed areas. Moreover, the wage rate is also comparatively good in comparison with rural areas. The lifestyle of people totally depends on their income, whereas earning lies in the availability of jobs. To exemplify, 90% of today’s teenagers move to posh areas in search of employment since they understand well that it is vital for their prosperous future.

To conclude, the above discussion makes it clear that numerous material facts are there which forces folks to migrate to metropolitan areas for their up-to-date facilities and greener future.

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