Your Colleague Is Flying to the Meeting by Plane From Another Country

Your Colleague Is Flying to the Meeting by Plane From Another Country

Your colleague is flying to the meeting by plane from another country. You have arranged an airport pick-up, hotel accommodation and planned his / her meeting. Write a letter to your colleague. In your letter

Tell me when and where you will meet him/her
Explain where he/she will stop
Tell him/her about other arrangements you have made.

Dear Kamal,
Hello there! Everything is as fit as fiddle here and I hope you are elated. Well, you must be delighted to know your meeting is going to be held at my office branch in Canada. The management assigned me all the responsibilities to make you feel highly convenient. As such, through this letter, I want to let you know all the arrangements.

As per the scheduled flight time, you would be here around 9 PM. By that time, I will be at the waiting area to pick you up from the airport. Then we will have dinner together at a nearby renowned restaurant “The pacific”.

Later on, I will drop you at a hotel called “The Blue Ray”. It is a five-star hotel, and a room is reserved with your name. You will stay in that deluxe room overnight.

On a subsequent day, I will drive you to the meeting hall which is just 10 minutes away from the hotel. After the official meeting, I will take you to the famous excursions of Canada and for the rest of the days, I had already planned amusement activities.

I assure you this is going to be a splendid business tour for you. In case of any discomfort, you can call me at 1199223344.


This is the End Of Your Colleague Is Flying to the Meeting by Plane From Another Country


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